Medina Fence Company

Schools, hospitals, daycares, apartment buildings, gated communities, correctional facilities, institutions, clinics, parking lots, and sports venues have all benefitted from the fencing that our Medina fence company has installed. Homeowners have benefitted as well by having us install quality fencing around their property so they can protect their interests and also keep their lives private from the eyes of the public. These are just some examples of the types of the residential and commercial clients we have had throughout the years.

Commercial Uses

You have already seen a list of some of the commercial uses of fences. Other uses include hotels and other hospitality facilities, nursing homes, juvenile detention facilities, and playgrounds. We help the owners determine what kind of fencing will be best, such as a high security area needing barbed wire to keep out intruders or keep individuals inside, while a parking lot may need chain link fencing around it.

We also install:

  • Interior partitions and cages
  • Gate operators and turnstiles
  • Tennis court fences
  • Batting cage fences
  • Athletic field fences
  • Security fences, such as timber fencing, barbed wire fencing and barbed tape fencing, netting, and more

Our security options also include access control options that make the area even more secure. One example of access control is vehicle access gated options. There is also a pedestrian access gated option.

Contact A Medina Fence Contractor

When you are in need of high quality fencing that will last for many years to come, Security Fence & Construction has many options for you to choose from. The array of fencing that we have gives you the ability to choose something that is in your price range, including professional installation. To learn more about your options and our services, call us at612-788-4729 to schedule a free estimate.