Composite Fences

Fence Installation Throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Composite fences provide the benefits of two different fencing materials – timber and PVC vinyl – in one. You get the beautiful, nature and warmth of timber but with the low maintenance of synthetic materials such as vinyl. Because of this, you can expect an elegant yet carefree way to keep your fence looking it’s best for many years to come.

Security Fence and Construction is a leading name in composite fencing. Not only do we stock and supply various types of composition fencing options but we can also help you with the selection process.

Composite Fences – The Future In Fencing

Composite fencing is made out of reclaimed wood fiber and a high density polyethylene molded together with an authentic looking wood grain. The end result is a beautiful finish that is resistant to things like molding, cracking, warping, chipping, peeling, rotting and spills. You don’t have to worry about painting the fence down the road or spending hours trying to wipe off the mould, dirt and other things that can attack traditional fences. Composite fencing is one of the most popular choices, especially for busy working professionals living in Minneapolis.

Eco Friendly Composite Fencing

One other thing that may be important to you is choosing a material that will not negatively impact the environment. Moving into the world of green living is something that most Minneapolis residents are considering and composite wood materials is an excellent way to remain eco friendly without sacrificing quality and style. Composite fencing uses recycled wood fiber materials so you can feel better about your fencing choice.

Security Fence and Construction – Composite Fencing, Minneapolis

Fence selection is important. At Security Fence and Construction we work within all budgets and lifestyles to help you determine the right materials and style for your home. Some of the things to consider when it comes to choosing your fence include:

The size and space of where you want the fence to go. Are you looking to enclose a swimming pool or your entire estate

The main reason for building the fence – do you want to block off the traffic and add privacy to your property or are you looking for something that doesn’t obstruct the views?

The dynamics of your fence – do you want a pedestrian or vehicle access gate? Will small children be using the gate or just adults?

The interior and exterior of your home – you do have timber, vinyl or aluminum siding on your home? What about your gardens and the landscaping around the property. You will want your fence to match your unique and personal tastes.

These are some of the many questions we can help you with. Along with our wide range of composite fencing and other fence materials, we also provide over 100 years of combined experience in the fencing industry. What this means is that you be rest assured that you are getting the best in material, design, installation and more. Contact us at Security Fence and Construction at (612) 788-4729 to get started on constructing your fence today.