Ornamental Iron Fence

What An Ornamental Iron Fence Can Do For Your Minneapolis Home Or Business Ornamental iron fencing brings a certain level of beauty and elegance to your property that is virtually unmatched by any other type of fencing. Aside from the allure of it, an ornamental iron fence also offers unrivaled strength and durability, along with… Read more »

Minneapolis Commercial Lot Fence Installation

Why Aluminum Fences Are the Right Choice for Commercial Lots If you own or run a business, you have a lot of different things to worry about day after day. Typically, your fencing options on your lot might not be one of them. However, if you have security problems such as theft or trespassing, then… Read more »

Minneapolis Backyard Fence Installation

5 Signs That Your Backyard Fence Needs to be Replaced Need your backyard fence installed? When choosing your next home to buy or rent, most people care strongly about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the design of the kitchen, and the solidity of the foundation. They might notice the landscaping in the front yard,… Read more »

Twin Cities Fencing Contractors

There’s one thing that the quintessentially American dream of your own home surrounded by a white picket fence fails to mention. That, of course, is the fact that the white picket fence won’t stay pristine for long. The wood is subject to rotting over the years thanks to the elements and attacks from insects, and… Read more »

Types of Athletic and Sports Field Fencing

Athletic and sports field fencing is completely necessary to have at sporting events. It provides safety, security, and crowd control for everyone involved. These fences will differentiate particular areas of a sporting field. They are typically chain link and become part of whatever sport is being played, either to protect spectators or to screen in… Read more »

A Barrier Gate for Extra Protection

Everyone wants to protect his or her properties and facilities.  However, a fence may not provide enough protection.  A barrier gate may help you better protect your properties and facilities. A barrier gate on your property helps keep unwanted people out.  That is what a fence is for, right?  That is true.  A fence is… Read more »

When To Use Barrier Gates

There are many places that use barrier gates, as they serve many wonderful purposes. In simple terms, barrier gates are an added security measure to help with things like crowd control and unwanted people from entering your premises. They are typically used in major public places, but are also used in many residential neighborhoods, properties,… Read more »

In the News: Fences Were Critical in Developing Minnesota

Today, most of us think of modern fences as housing homes, construction sites, or other modern safety needs. But fences have been used in Minnesota for generations. In the news, rural historian Marilyn Salzl Brinkman recently wrote in the St. Cloud times about how fences were a critical part of settling Minnesota, especially in rural areas. Before… Read more »

3 Tips For Maintaining Wood Fences

If you have a wood fence, then you already know it can be a lot of work. Wood is tough, and it can be beautiful, but if you neglect it for too long then soon it’s going to grow gray, brittle, and it might even splinter. If you want to keep your fence strong, and… Read more »

Daycare Center Fined for Fence

When you have young children or frequent young visitors to your home, having a fence is one of the key ways to keep your children safe in the front or back yard. When putting children in someone else’s care, we trust and expect that they’ll be kept safe. Unfortunately, recent news reports in Minnesota describe a… Read more »