How To Choose a Gate for a Wood Fence in Minneapolis

Wood Fence Installation Minneapolis The type of gate you want for your wood fence depends on the purpose it will serve. There is a fine line between installing a gate that is forbidding enough to keep intruders out yet friendly and inviting enough to allow family and friends to enter. Gates provide access to an… Read more »

Make Your Chain Link Fence Part of Your Business’s Security Plan

Your fence plays a large part in your business’s overall security. The right fence can keep people out without getting in your way. Fencing also forms part of your building’s overall appearance, and choosing a strong barrier can give the right impression to both welcome visitors and potential trespassers. If you’re looking for a fence… Read more »

3 Times Chain Link Fences Belong in Your Yard

Chain link fences are a handy tool. Whether you want to mark out your new property line or you want to add more protection to your backyard, it’s a great material to work with. Here are three times that adding a chain link fence should be on the top of your to-do list: 1. Do… Read more »

Choosing the Right Operator for Your Barrier Gate

If your property has a fence surrounding it, then it is only natural that you would want to include a gate with that. After all, there isn’t much point of a fence if anyone can just walk around it and get in. However, while you may pick gates purely on aesthetics, you will also want… Read more »

How to Design a Chain-Link Fence Dog Run

Every household dog is different. While some dogs are content to live a sedate and laid-back life with their owners, others have a very strong need to run around constantly, whether or not there is a person or even other dogs to run around with them.  If you have a big yard and an incredibly… Read more »

5 Ways Full-Height Turnstiles Help You Secure the Flow of Traffic

Every fence needs a door. But don’t let those doors become weak points in your security. Keep them protected with turnstiles so you can regulate access without impeding the flow of traffic. Here are four reasons why full-height turnstiles are the right tools for the job. 1. Start using access control devices before people reach… Read more »

Why a Fence Upgrade Should be on Your New Home To-Do List

If you have moved into a new home, even if this isn’t a true ‘fixer-upper’, there might be a few upgrades and improvements that you would like to get to work on. One item on your list should be a fence upgrade if your current fencing option is lacking in looks, security, or sturdiness. A… Read more »

Double Your Security with a Double-Paneled Fence: Three Key Features of a Solid Fence

Your fence says a lot about a property. Potential homebuyers might glance at your house when the neighbor’s property is for sale, and what guests see from your front yard forms a large part of their first impression. If you have a fence with a maintained stain, a gate that locks securely, and slats that… Read more »

Effectively Using Employee Theft Cages for Your Business

If you own a business, shrinkage will always be an issue. While you may be ready to invest in loss prevention when it comes to frequent theft, one of the easiest solutions can be to install an employee theft cage. While you may feel uncomfortable installing an employee theft cage, it may be necessary. You… Read more »

What To Know Before You Build a Fence Around Your Home

Whether you got a dog, had a child, or just want to be able to relax in your backyard without your neighbors wandering over, a fence can be the answer to adding security, privacy, and equity to your home. However, while if you live in the literal middle of nowhere you might not need to… Read more »